What do you dream before dying? Here are the most common “premort” dreams

What do you dream before dying? Here are the most common “premort” dreams

A team of American researchers investigated the dreams most commonly recorded by patients before death. Here are the most recurrent images that accompany the “extreme step”.

In about ten years, Dr. Christopher Kerr and his team have documented over fourteen thousand dreams told by patients, just before they died. The data show that in most cases it is a question of dreams or comfortable visions, able to lighten the farewell to earthly life. “What appears clear – says the researcher – is that all subjects state that they are “more real” dreams and profoundly different from any previous dream, under normal conditions, but what are the “plots”? of premortal dreams?

Specialists have observed that, before dying, people usually observe their dead loved ones; relatives or past friends “to better life” even many years before. Another recurring theme is the preparation of a journey, with particular visions such as the preparation of suitcases. In some cases, patients have told dreams that allowed them to deal with unresolved issues, such as delivering a message that never reached their destination during their lifetime. Children, in many cases, before dying dream of domestic animals who died in previous years. At the margins of the research the researchers explained how there are no explanations on the nature of the phenomenon, neither psychological nor physiological, but they stressed that the objective of the research was simply to record, in the statistical field, the most recurring images in people before dying .

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