Siberia: invasion of polar bears in the city

Siberia: invasion of polar bears in the city

Multiple sightings of polar bears in urban centers in Novaya Zemlya

Emergence in Russia, Siberia, the archipelago of Novaya Zemlya, the invasion of polar bears, driven more and more by hunger, can overcome fences and barriers, getting closer and closer to the population centers. In town the owners of shops and businesses are talking about a real invasion. In reality, the victims, unfortunately, are mostly the same as the bears that are forced to pay because of the man who every day increasingly affects the change in the climatic conditions of the Arctic regions. The thinning of the ice and the continuous hunting of man, cause the disappearance of seals, fish and waterfowl, which are considered the main source of livelihood of bears.

This lack of food also creates in the bears a particular nervousness that makes them even more aggressive towards man. For this reason the authorities have arranged to confine 52 specimens in areas difficult to reach for humans. We must consider, experts say that with increasing temperatures the phenomenon will increase in frequency, this will lead the bears to go down into the city more frequently, leading them to rummage in the waste and in everything that is easily accessible to them. Given the wrong feeding that will follow the polar bears, this will result in the weakening of the species, infertility and therefore decrease in the births of white bears that will lead to an extinction of the species.

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