Why is ji32k7au4a83 the most violated password?

Why is ji32k7au4a83 the most violated password?

A study revealed that together with “simple” passwords such as 124567, ‘qwerty’ or ” password ” ji32k7au4a83 also represents a ” weak ” password. Here’s why.

Anyone who has ever tried to register on any online site, platform or social network using passwords like “123456“, “password” or “qwerty“, will have discovered that, to continue, the system stops requiring the insertion of a code consisting of numbers and letters and therefore difficult to ” guess ” for an attacker. For those who are unfamiliar with the creation of access keys, a combination like “ji32k7au4a83” might seem an option, because it consists of random characters and practically impossible to guess for others.

In a list of forgotten passwords ” created by a series of IT experts specializing in online security
ji32k7au4a83 is one of the combinations most object data loss. To make it known was the Twitter user Robert Ou, who challenged Internet users to explain why this password was used so frequently. Numerous users have thus taken up the challenge by discovering how this combination in “Zhuyin”, Chinese Mandarin transylvestered, to make different characters Chinese characters, it is necessary to press a sequence of different keys. Thus, the combination ‘ji3’, ‘2k7’, ‘AU4’ and ‘a83’ the grouped password characters correspond to the keys that are pressed to write 我 的 密碼 that translated, means neither more nor less than ‘my password’.

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