California: 2,200 thunderbolts in a few hours. It is record

California: 2,200 thunderbolts in a few hours. It is record

An impressive amount of lightning was recorded in California, between the Los Angeles region and Santa Barbara County. Images of the exceptional storm.

It is a storm of lightning destined to remain in history that occurred yesterday in Oxnard, California, where 2,200 thunderbolts were recorded by the National Weather Service in Oxnard (the Californian meteorological agency) in about five hours. A very unusual phenomenon, accompanied by heavy rains and strong gusts of wind, responsible for numerous damage even in the southernmost area of California, in the United States. Over two thousand lightnings have affected the Santa Barbara County area and Los Angeles.

One of the lightening struck Santa Barbara airport, causing a blackout of the lights on the runway and preventing the planes from landing and taking off for several hours. Meanwhile, at the Los Angeles International Airport, an airplane had to make an emergency landing, after being hit by a powerful lightning bolt that damaged its exterior. The exceptional storm of lightning has been recorded in numerous videos, in timelapse, published online.

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