Antarctica, huge iceberg threatens to break away: twice great New York

Antarctica, huge iceberg threatens to break away: twice great New York

It has the size equal to twice the city of New York the iceberg that threatens to detach from the Brunt platform, the alarm of NASA.

It is much larger than a metropolis and may soon detach itself and start moving independently in the ocean. It is a huge iceberg, its extension is twice that of the city of New York: the alert was launched by NASA, worried that the large mass of ice may, once detached from the Brunt platform located along the north-west coast of the continent, to be potentially dangerous. It could not only endanger the research activities in the area but also the human presence itself, as noted by the American space agency, which recalls that in that area has existed for 35 years, a known and stable fracture that only recently would have started to move northwards at a disturbing pace, four kilometers a year.

NASA has shown the situation by spreading the images taken from the Earth satellite: if the fracture were to continue to advance at this rate the separation of the iceberg could take place in a relatively short period and at that point about 660 square kilometers of ice would start to wander the ocean. Although not entering in the ranking of the twenty largest icebergs of all time, however, the experts note, the largest iceberg, from 1915 to today, detached from the Brunt platform.

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