Space: three planets “twins of the Earth” discovered

Space: three planets “twins of the Earth” discovered

Announced by a NASA study based on Kepler’s observation

Gj 9827 is a star placed about a hundred light years in the constellation of fish; one of the many stars in category K, but climbed into the limelight for the presence of a trio of planets really curious. To announce it is a study of NASA, based on an observation of the Kepler space telescope. There are three objects that orbit around this distant star, all with characteristics similar to the Earth and a higher mass. In short, the ” super lands ” with notable masses and physical characteristics not present in our Solar System.

The presence of such massive ‘terrestrial’ planets intrigues the experts, especially on the conditions in which they are formed and evolve. Discovering these aspects is essential to understand the evolution, but above all the composition of these distant planets, incredibly similar to ours. It will be interesting to understand, through new observations, whether these objects are essentially rocky like the Earth or have large solid cores surrounded by dense gaseous atmospheres.

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