Chinese discover method for turning copper into gold

Chinese discover method for turning copper into gold

Thanks to the transformation of the electronic structure of the metal

A group of researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ningxia University, Zhejiang Normal University and Dalian University of Technology announced they have identified a process that would make it possible to transform copper into a new material “almost identical” to gold. The scientists, who with the discovery also won the pages of the prestigious scientific journal Science Advances, said they had come to the incredible result by bombarding copper atoms with high-energy argon plasma.

Here is the “artificial gold” The reaction, sought by them but arrived unexpectedly, has caused a profound transformation in the electronic structure of the metal which, led to “zero valence” (term that indicates the ability of atoms to combine with other atoms ), became less reactive and began to behave like the rarest noble metals. “The copper atoms used in the tests – the researchers explained in a statement reported in the South China Morning Post – has achieved performances very similar to those of gold and silver”.

For an industrial use only

According to the team’s statement
of researchers, the gold that can be obtained thanks to the trial will not be
as precious as the natural one. To be clear, it will not be possible
produce “artificial gold” of value but the discovery is anyway
will revolutionize many sectors. The particular resistance
to oxidation, as well as the low reactivity obtained, remember that
of the most precious gold and silver. An aspect that would make this happen
special copper perfect for industrial uses. It will be possible
make electronic components, to be used as components for
smartphones and computers, but also during sophisticated chemical processes
that make it possible to transform coal into more useful and clean resources.
The discovery of Chinese researchers will make it possible to transform the “municipality”
copper “and then replace it with the most expensive noble metals.

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