Faces never existed created by artificial intelligence

Faces never existed created by artificial intelligence

Nvidia Fake Faces, technology able to create a human face by processing thousands of data.

Artificial technology has no limits. To prove it, once again, is an experiment that saw scientists rework infinite details of people to reach faces of people who never existed; “Fake face” with incredible realism, able to escape any control. The artificial reproduction field of faces has taken strides; it is enough to look at the results obtained by Nvidia four years ago when he transforms faces outlined and not very credible. Based on those “drafts”, the experts have realized today a new series of faces that, for realism, reach an excellent quality.

These are faces that can be easily customized through the management of the various traits; all modified through special effects that, for certain functions, recall those of Instagram or Prisma. In short, a series of common physiognomy details, collected from a computer to assemble a 100% credible face. Who knows, maybe in the future we could find ourselves chatting with a face made “ex novo” and remain in the dark.

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