Cars and technology, how it will change the way of driving

Cars and technology, how it will change the way of driving

Projects and innovations in the automotive sector, revolution in the way of driving the car

The technology can be applied to all the fields of our life, one of the most important is that of means of transport, particularly cars. The projects on cars tend to make life easier and increase our safety and here are the technologies, some already present in some models, which will soon become common on cars: power on by Biometric access, car keyless, key badge. Airbag for Braking that instead of being inside will be under the car to increase the effectiveness of the braking.

And yet the Health Monitoring of the Driver through sensors on steering wheel and belts for temperature, breathing and heartbeat. Integration with the Smartwatches for opening and switching on or for the Automated Parking Machine also usable from the App. Remote Shutdown via the App, useful in case of theft. Communication between cars via Bluetooth, now used only for internal devices. Side Impact Prevention System through sensors to add to those already used in front and back. Disabling Driver Commands via sensors enabled in the event of an emergency.

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