The ‘risks’ of online shopping, the consequences on the level of concentration

The ‘risks’ of online shopping, the consequences on the level of concentration

Buying online involves an immediate decrease in concentration and a reduction in reaction times. The discovery of a team of experts.

The number of people who say goodbye to the classic store is growing day by day to buy almost exclusively online. There are many reasons: next to the possibility of saving money, the possibility of avoiding long lines and the inevitable stress that follows. But there is also a negative aspect and today it is a study to prove it; the experts of the Key Laboratory of Adolescent Cyber-psychology and Behavior (CCNU), of the Central China Normal University, in Wuhan, China, were involved in a study involving three groups of volunteers. Of these people were analyzed the reaction times and the degree of concentration after, respectively, reading a magazine, a rest period, and an online shopping session.

By controlling concentration and reaction times through a series of objective and test exams, the team found that those who purchased online were subject to a decrease in concentration and reaction times, in the minutes immediately following the activity. According to scientists this is due to the fact that online shopping is a huge source of distraction that penalizes both the reaction time and the capacity for attention and concentration of the individual and it also affects those people able to perform multiple activities at the same time.

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