Here’s how China and Russia have changed the atmosphere

Here’s how China and Russia have changed the atmosphere

An experiment by Chinese and Russian experts focused on the ionosphere. Unknown the objectives of the experts.

Russia and China together to change the Earth’s atmosphere. In recent days, details emerged concerning an experiment conducted by Chinese and Russian experts starring the ionosphere. The details of the experiment were published in a study entitled “The first joint experimental results between SURA and CSES” and published in the scientific journal “Earth and Planetary Physics”. The collaboration sees Russia through the “Sura Ionospheric Heating Facility”, a laboratory from which a team of experts emit high-frequency radio waves to manipulate the ionosphere. China, instead, with the China Seismo-Electromagnetic Satellite, has the role of detecting the effects of this disturbance on the plasma.

The experiment was carried out on June 2018 and verified five cases, two during the day and three at night. An area of ​​126,000 square kilometers has been the subject of one of the most important experiments while in another there has been a temperature increase of ionized gases of about 100 degrees centigrade. But what is the goal of the scholars? Despite the assurances, it seems that the aims are above all military. In fact, by modifying the ionosphere, it is possible to interfere with radio communications or make them more powerful. The ionosphere warming mechanism is not yet fully understood, so further research will be needed.

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