Meteorite Cuba: touching the fragments can cause genetic mutations

Meteorite Cuba: touching the fragments can cause genetic mutations

The fragments of the meteorite precipitated in Cuba are dangerous for health. The experts’ alarm

It was the first of February last when a meteorite exploded over the skies of Vinales, in the western part of Cuba. Many came to collect the meteorite fragments that reached the ground. Nothing could be more wrong according to the experts who analyzed some of the fragments. discovering a significant dose of radioactivity. In short, touching those fragments can cause genetic mutations, especially if they are in contact with the skin for a long time.

Research by Cuban experts allowed to trace the origin of the meteorite that could come from the asteroid Vesta, one of the largest in the Solar System, 372 million from Earth. The object consists of 22.5% of silicon, 22.3% of iron, 16.48% sulfur from magnesium. The explosion of the meteorite produced a very strong roar that terrified the inhabitants of Pinar del Rio and Viñales. The explosion occurred at an altitude of eight kilometers, at a speed of 40 thousand kilometers per hour.

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